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Frequently asked questions is not a Bitcoin mining, investment or generating operation like we have grown accustomed to crossing paths with. Instead, our platform is an online Bitcoin faucet that features games and the ability to earn bitcoins every hour. is an Free BTC faucet that enables investors the ability to earn bitcoins . Individuals who are looking to generate additional Satoshi and Bitcoin earnings are able solve captchas in order to accrue these earnings. While the site doesn’t rely upon initial deposits to be performed by new registered users, members are able to deposit Satoshi into our platform to generate interest on our deposits. allows you to win without having to do a big effort. Simply by visiting the site every hour on the tab HOME you find this table. These are the values that may correspond to each other when making bitcoins claim. Should the countdown disappear from the page and recapcha pops up for confirmation then it's time for the claim bitcoins. You do not necessarily have to visit the site every hour but the more you do it on a daily basis the better the results. Also playing bets is a more effective way to multiply your bitcoins more quickly. Just go to MULTIPLY BTC and try your luck.
Players always fear to be cheated on an online casino. This is understandable because it is technically very easy for an online casino to just make you lose. In the Bitcoin gambling community we have a solution for this called "provably fair". Provably fair is a tool that enables you (the player) to verify each roll result and make sure you are not being cheated! With this method each roll-result is calculated by the following variables:
  • Serverseed - provided by the site
  • Clientseed - provided by your browser and adjusted by you
  • Nonce - A number that increases with each bet you make
You will get an encrypted hash of the serverseed before you start betting. Since you get it in advance, we cannot change it later. However it is encrypted, so you cannot calculate your own roll results in advance (only afterwards if you get the unhashed serverseed.) Your browser will generate a random clientseed. However, you could and should adjust this clientseed before you start. This way you can make sure we does not know your clientseed in advance. Now if you make a bet the nonce starts with 1. After each bet you make, the nonce number will go up by 1.
Verifying to check if you have been cheated would include 2 steps:
Step 1
Make sure you get the seeds for your next roll include server seed hash , client seed hash , and nonce by clicking on Provably Fair blue text in Multiply BTC section.
Step 2
After you roll, you can also click the link named Click in ROLL HISTORY table to verify your roll.
We will show you the server seed that was used and you can verify that this was the same server seed that we said we were going to use before the roll by checking if the SHA512 hash of this seed matches the SHA512 hash that we showed you before the roll. Then click Verify button to re-calculate the roll right in your browser.

It is very easy go to SIGN UP section at the top menu and you are ready to go!

  • Type your e-mail addresses.
  • Enter your password.
  • Enter captcha that the website displays.
  • Click the button “Sign Up”.

Once your register with us you should verify your email to be able to fully perform the functions in your account.

How can I verify email?
  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to SETTINGS section at the top menu.
  • Click the button "Send email".

We kindly advice you to check the spam folder and promotional section of your inbox.
The verification link has the time limit and it expires in 2 hours, if you are not able to verify it during this time frame, you have to resend the once more and try again. You can resend the link only once per 15 minutes.

What kind of activities are allowed if the e-mail is not verified?
  • Deposit to the account.
  • Playing any of our games.
  • Claim bitcoins up to 75 Satoshi.
Why do I need e-mail verification?
  • You cannot withdraw your funds if your email is not verified.
  • You are limited in the number of bitcoins that you can claims ( 75 Satoshi in maximum) if your email is not verified.
  • You are not eligible to receive ongoing promotions and/or promotional e-mails.
  • Our team is not able to get in touch with you on any necessary matter.
Can I change my registration e-mail?
  • You are not able to change your registration email.
You will receive a commission 50% of total bitcoins that your referrals earn from bitcoin faucet. And still 0.4% of total profit when they bet on the game Multiply BTC.
By clicking on the Affiliates section at the top menu.
Share your referral link with your friends and ask them to visit it and create an account. On doing so, they will be automatically added as your referral and you will get 50% of their free btc winnings as commission! Nothing will be deducted from their account, we pay the 50% out of our pocket! If you do not know how to get your referral link, please see the question above.
Login to your account then click on the SETTINGS section at the top menu. You will be able to change your Bitcoin address only if the email that is currently attached to your account is verified.
Please go to the login page and click on the link that says Forgot Password in the login box.
By using a strong password, not re-using the same password on any other website and not sharing your password with anybody else.
We recommend enable 2FA (2-Factor Authentication), 2-Factor Authentication enhances the security of your account by requiring verification, using your phone, when signing in or withdrawing funds.
If you do not use these security practices and your account gets hacked, we shall not be able to help you.
By filling in the form at Contact page or contacting us via . Please read the questions above before sending us an email. We have a policy of not responding to emails asking questions that have already been answered on this page